Jun 04

Case against the AT &T U-verse Company

The AT & T U-verse company has been in a tangle lately. One of the main reasons is the filing of the lawsuit against this company. At least four complainants have filed their lawsuit but did not make it to the actual trial court.  The lawsuit did not present as a strong case because there was lack of evidence on the part of the complainants regarding the nature and the objective aspects of their complaint.

Case against the AT & T U-verse Company (Photo credit - blog.chron.com)

The four former clients of the company have recently complained about the interruptions of the services that the company has delivered to the clients. In addition to this, the former clients have complained about the slow internet connection that the facilities of the AT & T U-verse company have created for the clients. Aside from these, they expressed that the company did not make all the television channels that they have previously promised available to them. As for the movies, they have complained about freezing issues.


These manifestations of poor services, as they have allegedly said, have led them to file a case for the breach of contract of the AT & T U-verse company for the clients. They referred to various customer and client professional relation codes as backups for their complaints. To help address the problem adequately, the court decided to simply enforce the necessary sanctions and other similar forms of legal actions that highly focus on arbitration. The grounds for these legal actions are based on the terms of agreement that the clients have agreed upon even before they made transactions with the company.


Thinking about AT&T U-verse? Not only does AT&T regularly offer a number of perks and also special deals for new customers, but AT&T will also allow third parties to market various deals. Clients are able to use a coupon code from an internet site just like http://pcfastlane.com/att-uverse-coupon-codes-and-deals/ and save on new U-verse services.

May 23

Straight Talk: A New Mobile Phone Plan

Straight Talk is a mobile corporation that allows you many solutions and freedoms with your cellular plan. Straight Talk is a company that is a division of TracFone Wireless. Straight Talk has lots of, mobile phone plans to select from, such as zero contract plans. The options from Straight Talk are available via Wal-Mart or on the web making dealing with them highly easy.

Straight Talk at Wal-Mart

Straight Talk has lots of various choices for customers to select from for an individual’s cellular phone, including the hottest models and brands. There’s a cellular phone for everyone, whether you’re searching for a standard cell phone for the scarce call you do make or perhaps cell phone with all the current bells and whistles for instance a digital camera as well as full keyboard for people who text message and are on their mobile nearly constantly. Straight Talk provides all of the hottest smartphones which normally have options such as touch screen, hi-res camera and a lot more. Whatever the customer wants, Straight Talk will have the ideal item.

Straight Talk even has an alternative that enables customers hold on to their own existing cell phones and just sign up for a mobile phone plan.

Straight Talk also allows you to obtain a different cell phone number or keep your current cell phone number if you wish.

Straight Talk customers will not have any problems keeping in contact with family and friends when using the Straight Talk national coverage. Straight talk is also much less expensive compared to its competitors, with many people finding that their cellular phone charge is often cut in 1/2 once they move to this company. Customers wanting to save money on the cost of a cellphone or calling plan are able to do so by using online http://straightpromocodes.org or by taking advantage of various promotions.
Straight Talk allows consumers to pick a plan that meets their requirements. By having an unlimited plan, for example, clients can talk and text message as much as they would like in America. Have family or friends overseas? Then customers may take advantage of international unlimited plans. Straight Talk needless to say even offers scaled-down plans for clients who don’t need unlimited minutes.

Anyone is able to enable your plan up to automatically top off on a monthly basis or simply opt to refill when you wish. Additionally, there are plans that you could buy that permit you to pay a greater cost but get coverage for a longer period, such as Three months, Six months or even a full year so you are established to proceed and do not have to bother about taking the time to top off your cellular phone every month.

Straight Talk is skilled at meeting every consumer’s special mobile needs and has an option that can accommodate anybody.

Apr 11

Tricks of the Trade for Stashing More Cash

Money is a scarce commodity that all of us need. With the economy in the pits right now, we all need money more than ever. Instead of looking for a second job to cover living expenses, you should look into cutting your costs.

Tricks of the Trade for Stashing More Cash

Pittsburgh resident Dana Vento can offer many ways to save. She started a blog site called pittsburghfrugalmom.com to share her great tips with anyone who is interested. She has around 25,000 followers so far. One great way to save is on groceries. Not only do grocery stores offer weekly circulars full of discounted items but many stores will also allow you to use manufacturer coupons on top of already great sales.

She also explains that when shopping online, there are great deals to be had. For instance, many websites offer discounted clothing. Once you choose the items that you would like to purchase, do a quick search for a promo code before checking out. She claims that over half of the time, she is able to find one of these money saving codes.

Vento also has some other great advice. If you are looking for toiletries, shop at dollar stores. You will save a large amount on the necessities that every family needs. Also, look for products that offer rebates. That will help to add the savings up.

Every household needs a little money saving help. Try some of these tips and you might surprise yourself on your actual savings!

Feb 12

Nanny Cameras

Nanny cams are one of the most useful tools a busy parent can utilize. For those who don’t know, a nanny cam is a camera that parents set up in their home. It is primarily used to keep an extra eye on their children during times when they have a babysitter, friend, or family member over to watch their kids. It can help put parents’ minds at ease, because they will know exactly what went on while they were gone. Once they return home, they simply replay the footage.

Nanny Cameras

In addition to monitoring your babysitter, nanny cams can also be used to watch your child while you are home. They can be placed in their room during naptime or playtime for you to view what the child is doing while on his or her own. Nanny cams are also a great way to ensure that your children are playing safely together while you are in another room, such as in the kitchen making dinner.


Many nanny cams are very small in size and will not be noticed or draw attention to themselves regardless of the location in which you decide to place them. They are also relatively cheap in price, depending on the various features that you want included with your camera. They can be as simple as hiding a camera in a stuffed animals nose to more advanced and technological options that require a little more work to get set up. You should buy a camera that is suitable for both your needs for your child and your wallet.


As you can see, a nanny cam is a very useful tool for parents. It can help them maintain the safety and security of their children even while they are away. A nanny cam helps bring peace of mind to parents, because they will know the exact actions of both their sitter and their child.

Feb 06

Hiding Valuables in Your Home

While there are some precautions you can take to help prevent your home from being targeted for a burglary, there are additional steps you can take to protect yourself from being robbed of your valuables by a burglar who has gained access to your home. Don’t let yourself fall victim to a thief. Be crafty and think outside the obvious safe spots when hiding valuables in your home.

Hiding Valuables in Your Home

People have used various places, devices and obvious heavy weighted secured house safes for years as an inconspicuous hiding place for their valuables. Unfortunately these are the first things a trained thief looks for when entering a home. You may think the fake head of lettuce in the refrigerator or the faux can of chicken noodle soup in the cupboard is a diversion, but they are red flags for the trained eye of a thief. There are some crafty and uncommon places that can be used for hiding valuables in your home.


Burglars are looking for high ticket items like televisions, computers, laptops, jewelry and collectibles. While it may be difficult to conceal the bigger items, jewelry, cash and smaller items can be hidden quite well among the everyday that a robber wouldn’t think twice about. Keeping a jewelry box out in the open with cheap costume jewelry is a good diversion and may keep a burglar’s searching to a minimum. Use the inside of a couch cushion to stuff a bag containing your fine jewelry inside. Open the zipper of the cushion cover and use a sharp knife to make a slice in the foam cushion. Place your valuable jewelry inside a plastic or cloth bag and stuff it into the cushion before closing it back up. Most burglars will not go into your couch cushions looking for things.


Hollowing out a book may seem like an obvious idea, but it can work if you have an extensive book collection. A thief isn’t going to take the time to pull out every book from your personal library to look for the one that has been crafted into a hiding place.


If you have an attic or a basement where you store things, utilize that space and turn an old 13 inch television or clunky old computer monitor into a makeshift safe. Open up the box and remove enough of the insides to create a space large enough to hold jewelry, coins, cash or other small valuables. Replace the back and toss it in the corner like a piece of junk that is waiting for pick up week. This is another item that thieves and burglars are going to pass by.

Dec 12

Hi Tech Home Security

Security systems used to be sold only as expensive packages that cost thousands of dollars. Today, with the latest and greatest in technology, security systems can be set up as wireless systems so people can watch their homes while away. Cloud computing and wireless cameras allow almost anyone to set up a hi tech home security system.

Do It Yourself

Simple systems need only a camera and a recorder both of which can be purchased online or at specialty stores. Camera options very from color all the way up to motion sensors that can spot suspicious activity. These do-it-yourself systems work great, but they have one major drawback — you, as the owner of the system, has to sit through hours of video to when looking for something or if there is an issue at your property there is no one necessarily monitoring the premise real time.

Pre-Made Systems

Pre-made systems are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of putting a surveillance system together from scratch. These systems need minimal assembly and are ready to right out of the box.
A pre-made system can automatically detect any movement and flag that part of the recording so you can fast forward to specific parts of the video where movement occurred. These systems also can run on a timer and only record what happens between hours that you choose.

These systems also come in many different shapes and sizes, and additional features such as being able to set the system up to communicate in different rooms of a house.

Professional Systems

Professional systems are professionally installed surveillance systems. Professional systems will cost a bit more than a the other two systems mentioned, but are a bit more sophisticated. Security companies can install wireless systems that include dozens of cameras and displays that can be accessed from anywhere. There are many local professional security systems or you can choose to go with a larger, national company like ADT Security or Vector Security.

Sep 11

Bipolar Disorder in Children

In recent years, the thought process concerning children and bipolar disorder has changed. Once previously thought not to have suffered from the disorder except in rare cases, it is now believed that up to seven percent of children who obtained services from a psychiatric facility meet the standards for being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder in children can be markedly different than those found in adults:

*Decreased Need For Sleep: This is often defined as when a child sleeps only a few hours each night, but does not wake up feeling tired. Instead of sleeping, the child might stay up rearranging items or performing the same repetitive task over and over again.

*Unexplained Elation: When in a manic episode, the child may display elation that far outweighs the circumstances.

*Easily Distracted: An inability to stay on one topic and a display of ideas in rapid succession may be a sign of childhood bipolar disorder.

*Aggressiveness: While some aggressive behavior is considered normal for the very young child, unrestrained aggression in an older child or adolescent can be a sign of bipolar disorder.

*Symptoms of Depression: When a child regularly displays symptoms of depression that are interspersed with manic episodes such as those detailed above, bipolar disorder is a cause that should be kept in mind and brought to the attention of doctors.

While one or two of the above symptoms do not mean a child has bipolar disorder, such symptoms are important to note in the event a doctor is consulted for any behavioral issues the child shows.

Aug 21

TVersity Helps with Limited Music Choices on ATT Uverse Coupon Code

Those who have AT&T U-verse have probably noticed that they have few music channels. People who try to find music channels may realize that there aren’t a lot of them, nor are there a wide variety of music from which to choose.

To counter the restrictive choices, ATT U-verse recommends using TVersity.com to play music through TV or a mobile device. TVersity.com works through the Uverse Media Share so people can use it from their TV and computer, or it can be downloaded to a computer or game console. TVersity.com allows people to play all kinds of media and personal files over their TV in ways that they could not before with Uverse alone, including accessing virtually any radio station in the country.

Potential AT&T U-verse customers can find deals by using AT&T Uverse coupon which can save customers a ton on bundled packages. With certain deals, new customers can also receive up to $200 in a promotion card.

TVersity.com is easy to use and will make listening to all of person’s favorite music over their TV a much better experience. There are also ways to watch and listen to other kinds of media, and it can be great for those who want to do a lot more with their TV that Uverse doesn’t offer. Using TVersity.com is the best way to get the most out of Uverse.

Aug 21

Enjoy Your Home Theater System

A home theater system is a wonderful way to have the at home ‘movie experience.’ If you own a large screen, it would only be natural to add the surround sound, serve the popcorn and drinks, sit back and enjoy movies with the same sight and sound effect as a theater. Having a home theater system will bring your family together and everyone can have a quality fun time spent in the comfort of your home; wear your pajamas if you like.

Our economy and the high cost of living has caused people to be creative and find ways to save money without losing the fun experience of a movie theater. It is relatively easy to design and create your own home theater system and room. First, you need to purchase a digital LCD television. Digital LCD televisions come in many sizes, so pick out one that fits your room. Then while shopping in the electronics store, actually listen to sound quality and experience the surround sound systems available. Choose the sound system that best fits your television, decor and room; and of course one that has the clearest, crisp sound possible. Deep bass and high tenor sounds don’t need to rattle your windows, so once installed set the sound levels to be comfortable.

The various speakers will need to placed all about the room to have that surround sound no matter where a person is sitting. Speakers can be hung on the walls or be on stands, either way just make sure the speakers are installed for no movement and securely fastened to the wall or stands. To block outside sounds, a person could invest in wall sound proofing material.

Next invest in some real dark window curtains so that no matter what time, day or night, there will be maximum darkness. You may want to install small floor subdued lighting, to help an individual find the door should they need to take a break. Subdued lighting will not interfere with any ones movie enjoyment and will be a cautious investment in safety. If your budget allows, you may consider purchasing new furniture for the room. Regular living room furniture may not be the best for your new Home Theater System and you may want to obtain some recliners, or small couches with recliners. Make sure to have small tables sitting next to the chairs for drinks and refreshments.

Decorate the entire room to look and have the same appeal as a movie theater. Next step, pick out some movies or have satellite installed to receive the latest movies. Then, it is time to begin enjoying the home theater system. For family fun, set a night or afternoon aside for Family Get-together time to enjoy watching a movie. Your Home Theater System is a great way to invite friends over and the best thing is that when your family or friends come over the movie is absolutely free. You’ll find that family and friends will love sharing your new home theater system and experiencing the same feeling of sitting in a movie theater.

Aug 21

Essential Home Office Technology

Everyday someone is starting a business from home thanks to the new technology that’s out there today. Since so many companies are closing doors, entrepreneurship is on the rise, and so is the technology that’s needed to run a business from home. Home offices give more freedom than working a nine to five on a daily basis, and more freedom means more family. Because, technology is forever advancing, it’s hard to keep up with the latest products, and running a home business well means having the latest, fastest equipment.

A Smartphone comes to mind when planning to run a home office. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running, this is one of the best phones to use when operating a business.

Fax software is on the rise as being one of the hottest new technology options for a home office. Fax machines take up space, and home offices are all about being clutter free. With fax software your computer does all the work allowing you to send and receive documents without additional hardward.

Printers that print high quality color documents, which are sometimes top of the line and expensive, are also a new technology available for home offices. Black and white printers are fine, but if you need to print out a color brochure, than you’ll need a color printer.

You’ll also need the best speaker phone on the market. Being able to talk on the phone with a client hands free is priceless. Be sure to do your research and find the best quality speaker phone for your business.

A business website is necessary for advertising your business. It used to be the yellow pages way back when, but now having a website makes a business look considerably more professional and credible. Having a website also helps to attract new customers. You don’t need something fancy. It just needs to be concise, clear and professional looking in nature.

A laptop computer with a wi-fi connection is essential to running a successful business. With your laptop you’re able to be anywhere in the home and not confined to just the office. Also, the wi-fi connection is fast, and some are even free depending on your internet service provider.

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